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The Best Dress Watches

Did you know that your watch had to match up to your wardrobe? Well, it does. There are many occasions that call for a dress watch. This is a timepiece that stands out and shines. It doesn't have to be a two thousand dollar Cartier, but it will have more dressed up features and a more sophisticated feel. Let's look at what defines a dress piece and discover one Michael Kors Watch that retails for under three hundred dollars.

Definition of a dress watch; a dress timepiece will be one that looks more elegant. Whether these collections come in silver or gold, they most likely will be made from a precious metal. You probably won't wear these pieces to the ballgame, but they are perfect for a night out in the city or for a black tie affair. Many of us are able to wear our dress pieces to work, it just depends on the environment. A dress timepiece may have diamond accents, but diamonds aren't necessary. Some of us will spend a great deal of money on a dress watch, but many others don't have that kind of budget. Let me show you a fantastic dress piece that might suit you perfectly;

The Michael Kors MK5217 women's watch is glamorous and sophisticated. Its rich gold tone crafting is the main attraction and what makes it such a great dress timepiece. The style is contemporary and fashionable, which this designer is known for, and makes for a classic and versatile timepiece. The Michael Kors MK5217 women's watch is a three hand analog Quartz model, with 3 chronograph sub dial displays. The white dial is intricately designed and styled with crystals on the hour markers that add a bit of sparkle. Like I said this is a quartz movement, which means it will be easy to maintain and also keeps the cost down. The bracelet, which is also in gold tone, is made in a bold link manner that offers sophistication and grace. This women's watch is water resistant, but we aren't going to be wearing it in the is for a night out. This is a great dress watch and like I promised, it retails for only two hundred and fifty dollars.

A dress timepiece may not be one that you wear each and every day, but when the situation pops up, it's nice to have the right the right price.