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The Barbour Ladies Belsay Wax Jacket Reviewed

The Barbour Ladies Belsay Wax Jacket is a traditional Barbour jacket consisting of a quilted polyamide coated with Sylkoil wax for waterproofing. The jacket also features a 100 percent quilted polyamide lining that provides both warmth and comfort while effectively keeping out the cold and moisture. The combination of a Sylkoil coated outer and the quilted polyamide lining is the recipe for the ideal winter coat.

Not only is it wind proof and water proof, but it also offers the wearer that unmatchable comfy feel that has been associated with Barbour jackets for a long time. The traditional cut of this jacket is due to the reluctance to change its form considering the success it enjoyed when it was first released decades ago. For those not comfortable with the provided polyamide lining, there are optional 100 percent Barbour tartan summer and polyester linings available.

This Barbour jacket comes with an optional hood that can be snapped into and out of place using brass studs concealed below and around the collar. For extra neck warmth and comfort, a lining is provided. Some jackets have corduroy, polyamide ad cotton linings; all you have to do is choose one that satisfies your taste. The Barbour ladies Belsay wax jacket is available in two colours, olive and rustic. The jackets original colour was rustic but the olive color was introduced for those who wanted it to have a more feminine feel. This jacket is available in all size ranges. It can act as a short winter coat and it measures 84- 90 cm long.

To avoid damaging the Sylkoil wax outer, it is advisable to wipe the jacket lean using a sponge, machine washing it will destroy the fabric. In case it has been worn for a short time and it is not yet soiled, you can simply air it in sunlight instead of washing it.

Conducting a simple online search for this jacket will yield thousands of results. Many stores still have these jackets in stock even though they were released quite some time ago. This is due to the craze for Barbour classics which shows no sign of abating!

This Barbour Jacket is perfect for many uses, from countryside strolls to more strenuous outdoor pursuits such as horse riding or hiking. Great for the fashion conscious outdoor girl or lady, it will keep you looking great as well as warm and dry in the worst of weather.