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Steve Carrell Plus James Bond Returns Get Smart

So I'm sitting there catching Get Smart and beginning to genuinely imagine that the trailer made this film seem a good deal more fascinating. This opinion exited in about ten minutes once we see Max with Agent 99.

I've forever found Anne Hathaway to be one of the cutest Hollywood actresses and she did not neglect me here either. Her slimly suggestive wardrobe kept the eye constantly on the silver screen, which is how it should be. Steve Carell has good comic timing, he may now and then remind people of Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun and Spy Hard mode, but outside of that he manages to make Max a really sympathetic and human character, not just a cartoon.

The kinship Max and 99 have molded at the finish of the movie looks to be established more on friendship than anything else. I would say the cast was well picked, including Dalip Singh (WWE wrestler) who portrays a big ol' henchman, most likely resembling Jaws from the 007 series.

I forever love a picture that can make me laugh and keep the action coming fast. Max and Agent 99 have some strong fight scenes, choreographed by fight scene Einstein James Lew. For a finale of action they include a dramatic and manic chase sequence as well. By an action viewpoint I could say it easily outperforms that of last Bond flicks, though the comedy doesn't make it near as serious.

You really have a vanilla Bond style plot. You have the good guys who are after the evil guys for causing bad as killing the President.

At first Max isn't allowed to work as a field agent, though he passed his exam to become one. But once the bad guys figure out the identities of other field agents and begin eliminating them, Max, along with 99 and 23 (The Rock) are encouraged to go and kick some butt.

Get Smart has adopted a practical approach to a film and sometimes seems as if you could be seeing a bond film due to feeling that some of the widgets are right up Q's street. Nonetheless some of the sceneries are not to realistic such as hanging on to a wire while flying in middle air but this does add some more laughs to the flick. Steve Carell is very appealing in this film like we have all expect and contributes some great onscreen chemistry with co star Hathaway.

I enjoyed this picture because of many of the previous points, from the great characters to the very nice looking eye candy that is Hathaway. Get Smart works merely because it does its own thing unlike many of the comedies released in the last couple of years such as disaster film, date film, Meet the Spartans and many more unfunny movies.