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Pashmina Scarves and Shawls - What a Difference a Fringe Makes!

It is easy to see why many women like scarves and shawls. You can find them in a vast variety of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. They are versatile, adapting to being worn in many different ways and around various body portions. You can ornament your hair, neck, arms and shoulders as well as your bust, hips and waist with various different styles of scarves and shawls. The result is a new fashionable look suitable for any and every season and occasion.

Yet, not all shawls and scarves are created equal. They differ in many significant ways. Among the most important of these is fabric. The characteristics of the fabric predetermine whether it is practical, good for only casual use, high-end fashion or multi-purpose. Manmade fabrics as well as cotton and wool fall into the casual look only. On the other hand, soft, sumptuous pashmina is ideal for any occasion

Another factor affecting the choice and use of a scarf or shawl is the presence of a fringe. This may seem an exaggeration, but it is not. The effect a fringed scarf or shawl makes is significant. It heightens the already present sense of elegance and class or ensures the casual look is even more so.

Take the first as an example. A scarf or shawl manufactured from specific inferior or type of fabrics can have an unfinished look. It does nothing for elegant evening attire or even a simple cocktail dress. If, however, your choice is a luxurious pashmina scarf or shawl complete with a fringe, the ensemble looks complete. The fringe, in its different appearance actually creates a certain interest or appeal that would be lacking without it.

The same need not apply to wearing a fringeless shawl or scarf with more casual attire such as denims and a sweater. The outfit can gain interest if tied or attached in a specific manner. Try tying the scarf in a Parisian loop. To accomplish this, fold the scarf lengthwise in half before placing the doubled material behind the nape and feeding the loose ends through the front loop. Yet, you can increase the attraction by using a fringed scarf. The fringe will dangle casually down the outfit's front.

Alternatively create slightly bohemian or even gypsy-like look by tying the marvelous fringed pashmina scarf muffler-style. Wearing it result in a tremendously au courant style phenomenal with casual wear. The fringe works well since it creates an illusion of effortlessness while being both relaxed and elegant. This is the look much sought after since it appears regularly on male and female celebrities when photographed in their time off.

Before choosing a scarf or shawl, take a moment to think about the effect that you want to create and consider carefully whether a fringe might not add another dimension to your look.