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Men's Cole Haan Shoes Combine Sleek Classic Design With Comfort

Although men's shoes from high-end brands already are comfortable because of the high degree of craftsmanship in every shoe, men's Cole Haan shoes take comfort to a much higher level. Nike's acquisition of the company has led to the development of footwear that combines the shock-absorbing comfort of a sports shoe with the sleek design of a high-end leather shoe.

Nike Air technology uses "pressurized gas encapsulated in polyurethane." Nike Air basketball shoes clearly show this in the design of the heel. The dense gas that Nike uses to fill the capsules in their shoe doesn't leak out of the heel where it is kept, so it becomes an effective cushion. This air cushion works wonders for the heel where most of the body weight is held when standing up or walking. This is definitely true for men's formal shoes as the heel is slightly higher than the rest of the sole.

For Cole Haan men's shoes, comfort comes from the way the shoe is built. Quality materials like soft leather for lining, together with expert stitching, adds to the comfort, making these shoes a good investment for anyone in the market for a quality pair of shoes.

By combining high-end craftsmanship, quality materials, and technology to make a lightweight sole that buffers the weight resting at the heel, Cole Haan is able to create shoes that strike a balance between dapper style and casual comfort.

This level of comfort in a gentleman's shoe makes investing in a pair of men's Cole Haan shoes absolutely worth it.