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How To Download Mp4 Songs

Both MP3 and MP4 formats can play audio, but MP4 can also play video. So while only songs could be coded in MP3 format, songs and music videos can be coded in MP4 format. Some people refer to audio-only MP4s as M4As. For the most part, MP4s are just a newer and better version of MP3s. But watch out--if you want to play your MP4 songs in an MP3 player (like many cd players), you will need to convert the MP4 to an MP3 (don't worry, it's easy).

But that's another article--right now you want to know how to download MP4s!

To download MP4 songs in an environment typically safe from malware (nasty software bugs that hurt your computer), find an MP4 download site like itunes or rhapsody and use its interface. You'll have to pay per song or a monthly charge, but songs download instantly with little or no pain on your part.

If you're feeling more adventurous and want to find MP4 songs from a less mainstream venue, you'll probably need to search on the internet for MP4s to find sites that are available when you want to download music. Most of them have interface software that allows you to download without a problem. Be sure to read the terms of service and ensure that your downloading is legal!

Peer-to-peer file sharing works for MP4s just like it does for MP3s. You'll need some software that looks for shared music folders of other people on the network and downloads it to your computer. Limewire, based on the guts of the P2P file-sharing system in Napster, seems to be pretty popular for PC or Mac. Other programs, like torrent programs, do essentially the same job. P2P can be a good option, but unlike the large music sites that negotiate the copyright liabilities for you (and frequently charge you for music), you have to make sure you stay within the law when you use P2P.

What about if you want to create a soundtrack from a great DVD that you own? Then you will need a ripper-software that rips the audio from the video to create audio-only tracks. Search online for MP4 audio ripping software and you'll come up with some hits. Some ripping software costs, but you can also find ripping software for free.