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Going Retro With Your Vintage Fur Coat

Throughout the ages, fur had surpassed all known types of clothing as the oldest in the known world. It clearly makes sense that since ancient times early man relied heavily on materials that are readily available in his surroundings to help him survive. Fur's main use back then was to keep bodies warm, and it evolved throughout the early ages as symbols of wealth and royalty to kings and noble people. And now its use has evolved once again, this time as a fashion statement. People these days wanted to express themselves, but with expensive coats in the market today, the Vintage Fur Coat is the best alternative. Some may even be of better quality than the current coats out there. It gives you some kind of a Hollywood-glam wonderful experience during its early days when wearing one, while at the same time keeping you body warm.

Fur as a fashion craze first embraced the limelight back in the 1600's as symbol for wealth and prosperity. And since that time, people valued these coats not only for protection from the elements, but also as lavish decoration. It started a European trend where fur traders became explorers and helped greatly for setting a course to the new world. Although time dictated the wearing of fur as jacket linings, the latter part of the 19th century introduced the idea of using animal furs on the coat's exteriors. And that began the fur revolution that is very much alive today. With the invention of the motorcar, the purposes for such coats swelled as riding with fur coats in open cars became a necessity to combat the cold that comes with it.

Patronizing vintage fur is simply recycling. It means you are doing your part to help the environment as you become conscious in your surrounding. Another positive thing out of this is that fur is a biodegradable product. It is not the same as faux fur and other environment-unfriendly man-made clothing that are a common thing in the world today. It is a natural product that is also highly regarded as the most environmentally attuned textile in the market today, and it boasts of its extraordinary lush texture that can't be purely reproduced by other means. It had become a very hot collector's item over the past years.

The prospect of buying brand new fur coats is downright expensive. With the present unstable economy, not everybody is keen to grab fur coats with excessively-priced tags. But thanks to vintage coats, anybody can have that glam feeling at a much lower price than those original fur coats. It may not be new, but you can always have it at prices you can afford. What's reassuring is that new fur coats in the market today are taking a different step by imitating the retro glow of decades-past fur coats. What you can do is save your money and go for a real Vintage Fur Coat, its real fashion on the road and outdoors without the heavy price tag.