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Does a Famous Slogan Capture the Essence of All That Is Self Hel

With so much going on, and so many things to attend to, it is often difficult to find time to sit at my desk and focus on what I want to write. So many times, I turn on my computer inspired to write and then low and behold I get sucked into AOL top news and my inspiration is gone. With so much media available to us, it is very easy to get "sucked in" and lose focus on what we really set out to accomplish.

We start the day with a clear intention, and then before you know it, distraction takes place. Time flies by, and then you enter guilt mode for looking at your long to- do list and the only thing accomplished, is your new found knowledge of Jesse James and Kat Von D dating. How many times do you set goals, and get distracted. How many times do you want to do something, and fail to begin. Now, is the perfect time to make that commitment to yourself because you know you have this unwavering yearning to get it done...

Once you begin to make yourself a priority and take steps towards what you want to do, it feels sooo good. It is that sense of achievement that motivates you to do more. So often, we put off our goals and dreams due to distractions. But, what we are really saying, is that we are allowing these distractions to take precedence over our goals and dreams. We want, what we want, but we are not willing to dedicate our time to make it happen. This lends to the question, if I don't make my goals a priority how can I expect for them to ever be achieved. How can I expect to feel good, when I allow external forces to dictate my life.

Take control, and become empowered. Don't wait for tomorrow, and start right now. Focus, become clear, and take inspired action. If you want a new job, stop the distraction of complaining about your present job and prioritize updating your resume. If you want to lose weight, stop the distraction of complaining about your weight as it is, and start focusing on how you can incorporate change to facilitate the weight loss process. Any time I have doubt about doing something, I am always reminded of my very favorite Nike tag line... "Just do it". So now I encourage you to think about what you really want to achieve and "just do it"...

Then, when you finally take that first step, however small it may be. Bask in the glory of making it happen and being on your way to achieving your goal. Appreciate, love yourself and know that you have the capability of making anything happen in your life. The only key you have to remember is to "focus", become clear (set time away from the distractions), and take that inspired action (action that feels good). Then when that little seed of doubt creeps into your do as I do, and think of that Nike tag line as a universal message, specific to you,... now really is, the perfect time to... "just do it"!

BTW-My first article is complete, and I feel soooo good! Good enough to now check what's happening on AOL's top news!