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Dating Conversational Tactics - How To Emotionally Draw Your Dat

What if you could sit down with a woman, and within a matter of minutes have her emotionally drawn towards you? What if you could also sit down with any woman and instantly have her laughing, smiling, and completely engaged within a few minutes as well?

Well, my friend, as hard as it is for most men to start an engaging conversation, you are about to find out the secrets which will allow you to emotionally draw your date into any conversation easily. Read on to find out these dating conversational tactics....

- Lightening things up- The quickest and easiest way to get a woman involved in your conversation, is to lighten things up. Guys are generally so serious when approaching women, and when on a first date, that she instantly gets bored and wishes she would have just stayed home. That's not how you want her thinking or feeling either, so lighten things up.

- Asking her engaging questions- Don't sit there interviewing her as if she is about to get some big job, in fact, don't even ask her any questions about her personal life just yet. Instead, ask her engaging questions, and even embarrassing ones.

One of my favorite ones is the one that my friend uses, and it goes like this: "So when did you last pee in the shower?". Instantly she will be shocked and amused, and you can watch her body language too to see if she is too shy to answer you honestly.

It may sound crazy, but the fact of the matter is, this type of approach works, because it's not what she is expecting, and it also breaks the ice extremely fast. In the end, it will open her up like a book, simply because you are not acting rigid, and you are showing her that you are not afraid to lead, especially in a very outgoing way.

- If all else fails, Hollywood never does- OK, so let's say you are just not ready for the above yet, how do you get into it and learn to be engaging and humorous? Well, you simply talk about all of those scandals and lies floating around from Hollywood, because last time I checked, almost everyone is interested in something related to that, because the stories are emotionally engaging.

People love to hear about tragedies, scandals, and all kinds of other things...because it shows them that they are doing better in their own life. Don't be afraid to add your own humorous twist to the topic as well.

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